Greetings Internet Citizen.

If you are a Stepmania player, the final releases for Pickled Poppers 1-3 are available in this Google Drive. I enjoyed working on this content and maybe you'll find some enjoyment in playing them. The 3rd pack was previously unreleased.

You have my permission to use these files as you please. Even changing the author, etc. Consider them public works, if they are of any benefit to you, do as you please.

If you need to contact me for some reason, please use this google form.


For others coming across this page, I wanted to say I'm sorry. I failed as a human being and made a horrible mistake and choice, any way you look at it. I believe the way I have been portrayed to be beyond my actual intention, but that is beside the point. Any way you look at it, I need to change and I am absolutely committed to doing so. What I cannot accept is people trying to destroy my life further than it has already been shattered. I have lost basically everything and am facing full consequences of my actions.

I have entered therapy and have begun legal counsel to stop anyone from attempting to defame me further. The fact that I cannot recover like any other person in this situation is of my own doing, but also outside forces that sought to do as much damage against me as they possibly could. Well it worked. You won. I am completely in agreement with you and I am on the path to being better. I will stand up for what shred of being a real person I have left though, so if you're prepared to engage with me further I leave that choice to you.

What I ask is that you leave me alone. You can be assured that I find myself to be as disgusting as you do and I ultimately have paid the price.

These are my final words as "Vilepickle". I am no longer available on the internet. Anyone impersonating me is a false flag and someone trying to slander me further. I see you, fake Twitter account with Trump 2028 logo.

If one day this page is updated, I can guarantee this is the only source of accurate information you will find about me.