I am a retired ITG player, active from 2005 - 2023. No longer being part of the Stepmania cult is liberating, but I created some good content along the way near the end of my time. Since Chief Skittles deleted me from the Internet, I provide 3 quality Stepmania/ITG Tech packs for your pleasure.

Whatever you've heard about me is fake. None of you know me or have anything to do with me. Hide behind your keyboard and dogpile everyone who sneezes wrong in your community, there's a reason you have a "small community" and not a big one. All of you pretend to be friends when in fact you'd turn on your closest friends in 2 seconds flat. You know it's true.

Pickled Poppers

Combines commissioned charts from popular stepartists with original charts. Inspired the pack "Lemonade", which took most commissioned content and included in their collection. Hey, I enjoy those songs... I paid for them. My charts here aren't the best, but they're fun-ish.

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Pickled Poppers 2

A large 65 chart tech pack of all original content, focused on fun. Largely successful and includes a lot of high quality charts and music selection.

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Pickled Poppers 3

My exit from In The Groove. Includes charts completed after Poppers 2 and a few collabs with people who have deleted me from the Internet. Don't tell Chief Skittles about it.

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